As time goes by, Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise CO. Ltd has spent 16 years with us.
      Like history’s development which is always making progress, Honeyoung’s prosperity owns to many people’s support and hard work. However, we are still far away from those worldwide enterprises. China has been one of the numbers who enjoys globalization in the new economic age. International Competition Law and International Business Standards are what we have to face in future. We have the faith and ability to walk forward and win step by step in this smokeless war so that the products of Honeyoung can make infinite value for every customer.
      Honeyoung’s advantage not only shows in the field of stationery and office supplies, but also in energy-saving street lamp and Solar energy products’ development production,sale and service which makes a stable foundation for the long seight development of the enterprise. Those numberous worldwide copartners are firm supporters for Honeyoung Enterprise. “practical, friendly, industrious, creative” are the cream of Honeyoung’s culture. Three hundred employee’s selfish dedication make Honeyoung more and more prosperous.
      Honeyoung will take novelty as the core, take continuous developing as the aim and build an international competitive stationery enterprise. It is working hard and will work harder for this strategic goal.
                                                                                                                     CEO : Mike wu


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